Web Development

Web Development predominantly refers to the work that is associated with developing websites which are easy to operate and responsive for the visitor. The web development process includes web design, content management, web maintenance. Web development is basically a construction of website by combining all these programming or processing data together which run in a web browser. Our company’s web developers optimize your website by using suitable languages and operating software like HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), javascript and WordPress which can be generated by generating text. This succor your website to run faster and smoother. Kansra softwares ensures that your website is easy and functional for the visitor so that it has the ability to rank highly in Google.

Gather Data

Collecting data is the first step in developing a successful website. There are various factors that are contemplating while developing a website. The main factors are the purpose of the website, goals to be achieved, specific targeted audience and what kind of content can be provided to the audience.


This is the point where the blueprint of your website is planned. Arranging main topics and subtopics in an order so that content is easy to understand and navigate for the visitor. During this stage, we decide what technology should be implemented to develop your website.


Sterling design is a key to attract people and boost your business. The website should be designed according to your business and targeted audience. There are various elements to be considered such as company logo, layout, color scheme, high definition images and font style.

Content Writing

Content helps to add value to the reader’s life. Content writing is a visual system for communicating with your audience on your website. It involves attractive headlines, text editing, easy to read, interesting and informative content. Valuable content holds the visitor on your website for a longer time.


This is an art of writing, developing and solving codes which transmit data in a particular form. Frameworks and content management system (CMS) should be implemented to make sure that website runs smooth. This is a process which is performed on the backhand to develop frontend.

Test and Launch

Web development is not complete until it has been tested and browsed. Each and every web page should be tested to make sure that it works properly. We take a trail of your website being an audience to improve and repolish defaults. After that, your website is ready to launch and maintain.