Web Maintenance

Web maintenance is very important for every website to update and overhaul new data. Your website is the digital business window which has a great impact on the visitor. Every time your visitor should find something fresh on your website on the revisit. A well- maintained website helps to attract new customers and maintain the interest levels of the visitor. Maintaining the search engine by providing present new content, information, product, and services to the public visiting your website. Our team gives their best efforts to keep your website clean and easy to operate. Our web maintenance service makes sure that your website is always updated and secured from errors this help website run smoothly. There are many kinds of levels that need to be performed while maintaining a website.


CMS stands for the Content management system. Kansra softwares manage your content which refers to editing, creating, publishing, updating data. This includes adding new attractive image and videos to your website. Updating calendar events according to occasion, venue, affair and time which helps to keep visitors updated.


Backing up your data, keeping the code, protecting your website and ensuring that your website is easily retrievable, safe and secure. Our company offers to keep your website secure and current. We provide data and site recovery based on last available backup which helps to upload the backup in case the original data is lost or damaged.


If you have a website that you want people to visit regularly, you will need to update content, such as articles, a blog on a regular basis. In order to do keep your website update, you will want to set a schedule for posting updates. We update your existing content on your website.


The website is a marketing hub which needs regular checkups to give visitors an engaging and fresh content on every visit. Our software company fixes your broken link, cleans old files which are not required in the website. A healthy website is a triumphant website. We try our best to fix the problems after every regular checkup.


Websites need renewing some feature which includes their domain, themes, plugins, softwares, hosting and other required commodities. This service extends the period of validity of any subscription updated on your website from time to time. So, that your website works continuously throughout the year without any run-down and worn out.


Every website after updates needs to be checked and tested timely. So, that if there are any broken links or any fault while updating with themes, software, plugins, and speed. It’s very important to test you statistics of your website which notify the performance graph of your business by analyzing the traffic coming to your website.